Christal Sims Heals Herself Through Art And Wants To Heal You Too

Christal Sims Heals Herself Through Art And Wants To Heal You Too

Christal Sims Heals Herself Through Art And Wants To Heal You Too
Posted on September 30rd, 2023

By Vince Martellacci

The way Oakland local Christal Sims prioritizes healing in her life stands out. According to the healer, “Being an artist isn't just a creative outlet; it's how I face and overcome life's challenges.” These words are emblematic of the artist and Wellness Empowerment Coach.

Sims makes paintings by incorporating real crystals into the design. And if you’re in the know, you know that the gems have healing powers for everything from health to clear-mindedness to stronger relationships.

A born artist, Sims has always sought unique and alternative means of healing. She remembers, “I stumbled upon crystals in my mid-20s when I was exploring natural ways to improve my well-being.”

Crystals resonated with Sims so much that she brought them into her day-to-day life. She says they really made a difference, “It was as though I had discovered a protective shield that helped me navigate the stresses and energies that surrounded me each day.”

The first method of healing Sims stumbled onto was art. She recalls getting her start at age four and credits her father’s and uncle’s talent for drawing as what got her started. By the time she was in her twenties, Sims found true comfort in painting: “ It became my refuge from depression and a lifeline that pulled me through. Holding a brush and letting colors flow on the canvas brought a profound sense of release and liberation.”

Painting helped Sims express herself and understand her emotions. She looks back on those days as a profound time in her life, sharing, “Each brushstroke felt like a transformation taking place within me.”

It was around that time that Sims began working with crystals. Soon, she would combine the two to bring healing to others. She explains, “My abstract healing paintings are a fusion of creative expression and crystal healing.”

As Sims has come to see, it is both the crystal and the painting that heals. She continues, “They not only delight the eye with their colors and textures but also collaborate with crystals to neutralize negative frequencies that surround us.” Sims sends good vibes home with anyone who buys a painting: “By carefully selecting and embedding crystals in each piece, my goal is to create a balanced and harmonious energy environment in your home.”

Sims loves running her own businesses and shares that it gives her the freedom to focus on her children whenever they need her. She says, “I prioritize my children's sports events at the start of the year, striking a balance between family and my artistic pursuits.”

Sims is equally proud of and passionate about her coaching endeavors. She appreciates that her work brings her closer to the world, noting, “Being both an artist and a wellness coach allows me to connect deeply with people.”

Proud of her “six-week transformative program,” Sims has put a lot of thought into how she can best help people. She says of the program, “It's a unique journey that blends personalized coaching with artistic expression, helping individuals discover their full potential.”

The six-week program combines wellness coaching and artist expression while promising to help you explore your goals, overcome personal obstacles, cultivate self-awareness, and nurture well-being. Throughout it all, Sims creates a personalized experience where you can benefit from her warmth, experience in wellness, and carefully tailored guidance.

Sims has been exploring how to heal her whole life. Her heart is full as she shares what she has learned. She muses, “Although I don't travel extensively for my art, I do journey metaphorically with my clients as they embark on their transformative path. My life as an artist and wellness coach is deeply fulfilling.”

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"Healing Comes From Within. The Art is to Create the Conditions for It to Manifest." - Deepak Chopra

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