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Welcome to a transformative journey towards rediscovering yourself and embracing a healthier, more empowered version of you. I understand the challenges and demands of life that can leave you feeling exhausted, drained, and in need of a pause. It's during these moments of chaos that we often long for the superpower to freeze time, allowing us to regroup, find clarity, and fill our own cup.
My name is Christal, and I have been exactly where you are. I have experienced the whirlwind of life, feeling pulled in every direction, and questioning my purpose and identity. But through my own personal journey, I have discovered the incredible importance of self-discovery, reinvention, and nurturing oneself.
During periods of transformation, I found solace in holistic health methods and embarked on a path of learning and growth. I studied at reputable institutions such as The Herbal Academy, Health Coach Institute, and completed an Art Therapy Practitioner Course. My passion for alternative healing modalities deepened, and I became driven to assist others along their unique paths.
My mission is clear: to provide unwavering support for women who are ready to recreate their inner and outer worlds. I am here for those who yearn to feel fabulous, energized, confident, sexy, inspired, and empowered. Together, we will design a healthier lifestyle that aligns with your new self, allowing you to blossom and thrive.
As a certified health & life coach, I have the tools and knowledge to push you towards your best version. I understand the transformative power of self-care and its ripple effects on every aspect of your life. Whether you're a mother, a professional, or someone seeking personal growth, I am here to guide you on this incredible journey of self-discovery.
By prioritizing your own well-being and growth, you will find the capacity to show up for your loved ones in the best possible way. As a mother of three boys, I can personally attest to the profound impact self-nurturing has on our ability to be present and fulfilled.
Together, we will create a space for you to explore your passions, overcome obstacles, and step into your authentic self. Through personalized coaching sessions, we will uncover the blocks that may be hindering your progress, allowing you to embrace your true potential. I will provide the necessary guidance, motivation, and accountability to propel you forward and accelerate your transformation.
I also invite you to visit my healing arts store to find my crystal-infused paintings and discover the mesmerizing world of my artistry. Each piece is infused with healing intentions, inviting you to experience a profound sense of harmony, serenity, and inner healing. Let my art serve as a gateway to a world of self-discovery, where the power of color and energy converge to awaken your senses and nourish your soul. Embrace the beauty and healing energy of my abstract art, and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and inner exploration.
Are you ready to unlock your full potential and step into a life of empowerment and fulfillment with me as your personal coach? I'm based in Oakland, and if you're ready to embark on this empowering journey with me, I invite you to sign up for a session. Together, we will nurture self-care as a way of life and awaken your inner strength. Remember, you deserve to feel fabulous, energized, and inspired. Let's uncover the incredible woman within you and set her free.
With love and support, Christal

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